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New website guides Dutch consumers in choosing sustainable bank

By Milieudefensie | Utrecht, Jan 22 2009

Oxfam Novib, Milieudefensie, Amnesty International and  Dutch  trade union FNV launched the Ethical Bank Indicator (eerlijke bankwijzer) on January 22 in Utrecht.

The eerlijkebankwijzer is a website for critical consumers  in the Netherlands to check out how their bank scores when it comes to issues such as climate change, arms trafficking, labour rights and human rights. Bank customers do not only want to know if their savings are safe, but also if they are being invested ethically and justly.

eerlijkebankwijzer is a tool for Dutch consumers to chose a environmentally, socially and ethcially responsible bank to deposit their savings.



Jens Nielsen Milieudefensie

Milieudefensie Website

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