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Woodside protests & arrests attract international attention

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By The Wilderness Society WA Inc | Australia, Feb 7 2011

Woodside protests & arrests attract international attention

Last week, the campaign to protect the Kimberley coast from Woodside's industrialisation plans heated up when activists protested outside Woodside offices in Perth and Broome - resulting in two arrests.

Our protest banner and dead whale outside Woodside's offices in Perth

The protests coincided with Woodside's hosting of a series of meetings with the Browse LNG Joint Venture Partners (Shell, Chevron, BP & BHP Billiton) to try to convince them the project is on track and to sign on to the next phase of the proposed James Price Point project. It was a crucial opportunity to show the strong opposition that exists against the project proposed for the Kimberley Coast - one of the world's natural wonders.

Perth Action

Around 20 people and a ‘bleeding' whale met outside Woodside Headquarters in St George's Tce, with banners, oil drums and whale tails. Two people were arrested, charged with trespassing and issued with ‘move on' notices after they allegedly tried to hang a banner off the Woodside building which said ‘Woodside, what else are you hiding?' Shane, one of those arrested, said:

Getting-arrested-Jenita-Enevoldsen-300I consider Woodside's pre-empting of the gas hub approvals process and accessing James Price Point to build roads, clear land and carry out drilling is trespass. If Woodside is entitled to trespass at James Price Point, I am entitled to trespass on their building!"

If the arrests do result in a court summons, the charges will be vigorously defended.

Broome Action

Broome residents held an "Unwelcome Party" at Woodside's new office in Broome.  The action included community members unfurling a ‘Not welcome' mat, toasting an ‘unwelcome' to Woodside and re-tying a red ribbon out the front of the office. Check out the video here!

A statement to the Joint Venture Partners:

Woodside protest in Broome
Woodside 'un-welcome' protest in Broome

"We wanted to ensure that representatives from Shell, BHP, BP and Chevron meeting in Perth were not hoodwinked by Woodside into thinking the James Price Point project was going well. Woodside must fully inform them of the very real risk that this project poses in terms of delays, cost overruns and damage to corporate brands."

Peter Robertson, The Wilderness Society WA


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