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Last call for the meaniest companies of the year

Nominate for the „Public Eye Awards 2010“ in Davos now!
By Berne Declaration | Zurich, Sep 21 2009

If you hadn't time yet to propose this year's worst corporations and green washer, do it now. Due to many requests we moved the deadline for submissions to 24 September. So take this last chance to tip us off - and maybe we'll meet in Davos.

Dear Colleagues

It's that time of the year again: Berne Declaration and Greenpeace Switzerland are looking for companies whose social or ecological comportment stinks to high heaven. And we need you to tip us off about instances of workplace exploitation, environmental scandal, union busting, or other „worst practices" in corporate responsibility. On the sidelines of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in late January 2010, the nastiest companies and their leaders will be pilloried on the brightly lit Public Eye stage.

Companies that make our shortlist feel the pressure and participating NGOs get new energy for their campaigns, because we make effective use of the worldwide media attention focused on Davos. Take Bernische Kraftwerke AG, winner of the Public Eye Swiss Award 2009: the company has reduced its share in the destructive coal power plant in Dörpen, northern Germany, from 100 to 25 percent and no longer leads the project. And also after Davos, last year's Global Award recipient Newmont Mining indefinitely postponed its decision to set up a new and very controversial goldmine in Ghana.

We want the „Public Eye Awards 2010" to be as successful as the previous years' event and invite you to give your campaign against corporate wrongdoing the publicity it deserves. Again, we are looking for companies that are causing social and/or environmental damage in specific and well-documented instances - companies that look like they have a good chance of winning the

·         „GLOBAL AWARD" (including all 1000 WEF-member corporations)

·         „SWISS AWARD" (large to small-size companies based in Switzerland)

In addition to these two geography-based categories, we will also present the first ever

·         „GREENWASH AWARD" (most questionable eco predicate or social award)

for private, public, or international institutions that falsely certify or label environmental culprits and people exploiters as „green" or „valuable". Potential candidates for this new award include rating agencies, label organizations, industry associations as well as media organizations that use especially weak or hokey criteria to evaluate the „social responsibility" of corporate actors.

Three awards, three opportunities: tell us who you nominate and why that company or institution deserves to win one of the Public Eye Awards. The easiest way to do this is by answering the following questions (optional):

Name and size of the company? Where is it legally based?

Which of its activities do you consider socially and/or environmentally irresponsible? What means and methods does the company use in the process?

What effects do the company's activities have on humans and on the environment? What are the actual environmental and/or social consequences of its behavior?

Describe the current state of your campaign. What happens next?

How do you want the nominated company to change, what actions are you expecting from third parties?

Where on the internet is more information available about your case?

Be sure: It pays to participate! Nominators of an award winning company receive an exclusive invitation to the renowned alternative event in Davos (and a whole lot of publicity for their cause).

Send nominations by e-mail to

The deadline for nominations is September 17, 2009.

More infos at or from Oliver Classen, phone  +41 (0)44 277 70 06.

Well then: on your marks, ready, set, go, Davos!

Thank you for participating and spreading the word.






Berne Declaration Website


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