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Help BankTrack grow 

BankTrack is financed almost entirely by foundations as well as occasional donations. We do not accept any donations from the banks or companies profiled on this website.

We are ambitious, but despite working very cost effectively (see our Financial Report 2015), our budget never matches our ambitions.

If you value our campaign efforts and want to see them strengthened, or if the information we provided to you benefited your business and you want to return the favour, please consider making a donation or engage in a more structural funding relationship with us.

Click on the 'donate' button below if you wish to support us right now. You will then be directed to a secure Paypal page for your transaction. You can also check out our bank details here.

Leave a tip

Read an interesting article, or found some useful information on the BankTrack site? Leave us €10, $10 or £10.

Thank us for our time

We regularly speak to consultants, researchers, students and anyone interested in our work. A suggested donation of €50, $50 or £50 for an interview helps compensate us for the time spent.


Help expand our capacity by working with us as a volunteer. Contact us to discuss how you might help.

Become a Friend of BankTrack

A regular, monthly donation helps us to plan our future work with confidence. Become a Friend of BankTrack and donate at least €10, $10 or £10 a month.  

Make a larger donation

We have a number of campaign ideas which need finance to proceed, as well as ongoing campaigns which need support to continue, from coal to forests to human rights. With a larger donation you can help support one of these specific work areas. We would be happy to talk with you about the work we do and how you would prefer your donation to be spent. Please contact Johan Frijns, BankTrack's director, at or +31-24-3249220.


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RT @bywordlight: .@BofAML's Julian Mylchreest is now addressing #OM2016, which they sponsored. Here's what they've been funding of late. ht…
Oct 19, 2016
Detailed analysis and strong recommendations for Bangladesh government from UNESCO #SaveSundarbans #EndCoal
Oct 19, 2016
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