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Future of Hasankeyf people hypothecated

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By Doga Dernegi | , Dec 28 2010

Inhabitants of Hasankeyf and its villages are being forced to sign documents for the houses that will be built by Housing Development Administration of Turkey, TOKI, and they don’t even know what will be the depit for the nonexistent houses. People of Hasankeyf react to this execution. Locals are preparing to use their legal rights because they are forced to sign documents for the new houses, which they were never informed about.

Relocation of the historic town Hasankeyf and its nearby villages is being planned for some time now. According to the Doğa Derneği (Nature Society) Coordinator of ‘Keep Hasankeyf Alive’ Campaign, Dicle Tuba Kılıç, the pressure on people is getting bigger each day.


Hasankeyf’s future should not be hypothecated

Drawing attention to the fact that TOKİ forcing locals of Kesmeköprü-1, Kesmeköprü-2 ve Kesmeköprü-3 towns, on the way to Hasankeyf, to sign documents is a way of hypothecation the future of the area, Kılıç said, “The 15,000 years of history of Hasankeyf, a world heritage site according to UNESCO, will be drawn under water, and its future is hypothecated. The documents neither specify information on the value of people’s present houses nor on the promised houses, that’s why they don’t have any idea how much they have to pay as depts. The present situation is that the locals are forced to sign documents without knowing the amount of money they have to pay.”


Against ‘new’ Hasankeyf

Turning people’s lives upside down with Ilısu Damn project for years, locals of Hasankeyf and its towns say that they don’t want the ‘new’ Hasankeyf said Kılıç and added, “Hasankeyf people, after seeing what happened to Ilısu villagers with the damn project, don’t want to move to a new town and spend the rest of their lives by paying depts for the houses. They want the state to renew their present houses instead of forcing them to relocate their lives.”


Legal rights

Kılıç said that the locals are preparing to use their legal rights because they are forced to sign documents for the new houses, which they were never informed about, and the part where the dept amount should be clearly mentioned is left blank on the documents. “Lawyers in the region volunteered to inform the locals about how to claim their rights, to guide them they distribute leaflets with all the information. Similar action will be held in Tigris Valley and other regions in the coming days,” said Kılıç.



CounterCurrent / GegenStrömung Website

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